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We have been supplying fabrics and solutions for automotive trim since 1917. Today, Acme Mills is the premier supplier of industrial fabrics to the automotive industry globally.  We have achieved this by providing a wide variety of fabrics, textiles and seating suspension systems for automotive applications.

Our woven, non-woven and needle-punched fabrics are integral components for economically producing high quality vehicles, whether light or heavy-duty. Our Dymetrol suspension system is leading the way in light-weighting, durability and comfort for automotive seating.

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Automotive Applications:

  • Seating – surfaces, suspension systems
  • Headliners – scrim
  • Sun visors
  • Hood-liner – scrim
  • Carpet substrate
  • Trim panel appliques
  • Sound deadeners
  • Storage compartment textiles
  • Audio – speaker grilles
  • Safety – air bags, airbag drapes/skirts, energy absorption

Dymetrol® the award-winning automotive seating suspension system, is the solution for automotive seating.

Dymetrol fabric has become the ideal solution to remove weight from vehicles to meet the new CAFÉ standards. Dymetrol automotive suspension system fabrics provide designers the weight and space savings they need without sacrificing durability, comfort or safety.

Key Advantages

  • Weight savings due to likely reduction of foam
  • Space savings due to thin / sculpted design capability
  • Cost reductions due to reduced quantities of parts
  • Recyclable
  • Adaptation to automated installation process
  • Reduction of seat squeaks and rattles
  • Meets FMVSS-302 and CAL-117

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