Light-weighting of Automotive Seats!

The automotive seating suspension known as Dymetrol® is the award-winning solution for automotive seating. Dymetrol automotive seating materials provide unmatched comfort, weight savings, space savings, durability, and design flexibility.
Recently, Dymetrol fabric has become the ideal solution to lighten up automotive seating as designers strive to remove weight from vehicles to meet the new CAFÉ standards. Dymetrol automotive suspension system fabrics allow designers the weight and space savings they need without sacrificing durability, comfort or safety.

What is Dymetrol?
Dymetrol fabric is a seating suspension system developed in the USA by DuPont® and manufactured and sold exclusively by Acme Mills Company, a division of the Acme Group that has been serving the automotive industry since 1917.
Dymetrol suspension seating fabrics are constructed with a sateen weave of polyester yarn and DuPont Hytrel®, an exclusive elastomeric sheath core yarn. The yarns are heat set together, creating bond points that act as spring sets. This produces a suspension system that is stronger than any standard spring set system and that will not deform or sag over time, unlike conventional suspensions.

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