Light-weight Furniture with Custom Fabric Solutions

Light-weight Furniture with Custom Fabric Solutions

ACME Mills furniture solutions

Anyone who has moved their sofa knows furniture can be extremely heavy. Typical couches and armchairs require bulky springs and foam which can considerably increase the production and shipping costs.

The Problem

When a high-profile furniture manufacturer came to us in need of a lighter, more durable sectional sofa, we knew the perfect material for the job. The customer wanted an up-level sectional sofa with a thin profile that would be comfortable for long periods of sitting or sleeping and much lighter than traditional sectionals.

Our Solution

We recommended using our patented material, Dymetrol®, for its comfortable, lightweight and durable properties. This gave us the freedom to eliminate the heavy internal components of a traditional sofa. We worked closely with the customer to develop a design that was lightweight and durable without sacrificing comfortability or style.

In the end, the manufacturer loved the thin profile of the sectional and saved a substantial amount in weight and production costs.

Dymetrol® Key Advantages

  • Weight savings
  • Cost reductions due to fewer quantities of parts
  • Recyclable
  • Available with flame-retardant finish
  • Easily adaptable for automated installations
  • No squeaks or rattles

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