Key impacts of change on automotive textiles

Speakers at the recent textiles coating and laminating conference in Berlin outlined likely areas of impact that change would have on automotive textiles. Watch their presentations to gain a better understanding of the issues and topics that this conference will address:

E-mobility and its impact on textiles and coated fabrics, (Silke Brand-Kirsch, Schlegel & Partners, Germany)

  • Most observers of the transportation markets predict a high market penetration for electric-vehicles by 2030, but what key trends are driving this change and what obstacles are still to be overcome?
  • How will this market re-alignment impact on the various applications of coated and laminated textiles, particularly with respect to the interior designs and acoustic properties of vehicles.
  • How important is the need for vehicles to be made lighter in weight?
  • What are the new opportunities for coated textiles and how should manufacturers prepare for these disruptive changes?

Coating and laminating as a means to create more durable and functional automotive components, (Matthew Williams, Director of Business Development, and Samit Sadavarte, Advanced R&D Manager, Haartz Corp, USA)

  • The value of the market for coated fabrics in automotive interior and exterior trim parts is predicted to grow from US$5.95 billion in 2019 to US$7.42 billion by 2024, but what will drive this growth?
  • What are the key materials and process technologies in this sector?
  • What are the principal demands that must be met for future products?
  • What are the key trends in the automotive industry that are underpinning these new demands?
  • How can a supplier respond to these changes and needs?

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