Industrial Textiles and Their Applications

Industrial textile is a specialized branch of technical textile. Textiles materials mainly used in industry and manufactured industrial products are called industrial textiles. Textiles are widely used, especially in the chemical, electronics, civil and mechanical industries. These sectors include direct or indirect use of textile materials in filtration, finishing, cleaning, industrial or manufactured products. For example: computer printer tape, silk-screen printing, roller cover, crushing/grinding technology, seal and gasket, conveyor and abrasive belt, driving belt, various types of brushes, printed circuit board, fabric circuit board etc.

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History of Industrial Textiles
Technical textile is a large and growing sector that is directly involved with other industries. Traditional textiles are considered to be somewhat older than industrial textiles, although both of them originated a few thousand years ago. The journey of modern industrial textiles began with the use of canvas cloth when navigating ships at sea. The market for industrial textiles underwent a significant change in the first half of the twentieth century with the invention of man-made synthetic fibers. As a result of industrialization, its uses and demands are increasing day by day.

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