Whatman Grade 31ET CHR, 15cmx100m Roll #3031-681 Equivalent

SKU: 502-008-15100

Whatman Grade 31ET CHR, 15cmx100m Roll #3031-681 Equivalent

  • GLF Grade: 008
  • Equivalent to Whatman Grade: 31ET CHR #3031-681
  • Equivalent to Ahlstrom Grade: 222
  • Chromatography Paper
  • 15cmx100m
  • Shape: Roll

Equivalent Whatman Grade 31ET CHR – 15cmx100m Chromatography Paper Roll

  • GLF Grade 008
  • Ahlstrom 222
  • Dimensions: 15cmx100m
  • Like Mfg. No: 3031-681

Great Lakes Filters offers replacement laboratory filters for most Whatman Replacements like Grade 31ET CHR, Mfg. No. 3031-681 . Great Lakes Filters is an ISO 16001 approved manufacturer supplying quality replacements for Whatman type paper used in laboratories nationwide, like Whatman Grade 31ET CHR Chromatography Paper 15cmx100m Roll Mfg. No. 3031-681.
If you need to know more about Great Lakes Filters Grade 008 replacement for Mfg. No. 3031-681 Whatman Grade 31ET CHR and Ahlstrom Grade 222 or would like to get in touch with us for your future laboratory filtration applications, call to talk with a Filtration Sales Engineer Today.

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Chromatography Paper



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