Dymetrol: What You Need to Know

dymetrolDymetrol fabric is a unique seating suspension system that’s comfortable, lightweight and durable. It’s 100% woven polyester, and available in four styles, from soft to extra firm. Its design flexibility allows it to be used for a number of different textile solutions and applications, but that’s not all. Here’s what else you should know about the advantageous material.

Reduces Need For Foam Compositions.
Dymetrol can be combined with foam compositions, and attached to a seat as a single unit, or it can be used alone, without foam. In whichever case, Dymetrol reduces the need for foam, spring, wires, and the like when building a seat, because it can function as each of these elements. This is a huge advantage. Because Dymetrol reduces the need for foam, it can lower the weight, and create more space. Consider how this might help an airline. More than 8 million people are flying each and every day, and according to a TripAdvisor poll, 30% thought airlines could improve by creating more comfortable seating. Using Dymetrol to create more spacious, comfortable seats would then make more than 2.5 million people happy.

Facilitates Cost Reductions.
Dymetrol can help a company save on its bottom line. It facilitates cost reductions, because it simplifies things. It renders certain components unnecessary. Without needing to have those components, production can be done much more cheaply. What’s more, by reducing the amount of components necessary in construction, it increases productivity, as the process is simpler, and can be done much faster.

Offers a Host of Other Advantages.
In addition to improving cost-efficiency and productivity, this amazing fabric also offers a host of other advantages. For example, it’s recyclable. It can be treated to make it flame-retardant. And it can even be used to make a more quiet seating structure, so that the creaks, moans, and groans of springs and the like are eliminated.

If you have any questions about this amazing material, feel free to share in the comments.

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