Dymetrol: the Seating Solution of the Future

dymetrolDymetrol is a unique seating suspension system that’s 100% woven polyester and available in four styles, from soft to extra firm. Here are just a few of the key advantages it offers.

Dymetrol Is a More Efficient Material.
Dymetrol can be combined with foam compositions, or used alone. In each case, the dynamic material reduces the need to utilize a range of different materials, such as foams, wires, and springs when building a seat, because Dymetrol can serve the function of each and every single element. This also helps reduce the weight of the seat, too.

Dymetrol Is Cost Efficient
It’s cost efficient, too. Because it renders some components unnecessary, money no longer needs to be spent on them. It simplifies the process of construction, which effectively also means productivity is increased as well. In other words, it costs less to use, and is easier to use, leading to an incredible return on investment.

Dymetrol Is as Safe as It Is Comfortable
Dymetrol can easily be used to build comfortable seats that don’t create any noises such as creaking or groaning. Since it’s both recyclable, and capable of being treated so as to make it flame retardant, it’s really the material of the future, offering a unique way to innovate seating solutions.

Even if you’re still not convinced that Dymetrol fabric is right for your project, commercial fabric manufacturers have a number of other textile solutions. They can slit materials to as narrow as 15 millimeters on a blade type cutter that slices through the material and a 2″ ID papercore in order to give you a slit roll of goods prepared for your needs. Not to mention the fact that they have spunbond fabrics, which are supplied in widths ranging from 1” to 204″ with basis weights ranging from 12 gsm to over 300 gsm.

If you have any questions about Dymetrol and other textile solutions, feel free to share in the comments.

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