Dymetrol Fabric Creates a Better Ride

Now-a-days, the automotive seating textile suppliers use special fabric such as Dymetrol that provides a comfortable and efficient ride. The automotive seating suppliers also provide woven and non-woven fabrics with multiple features to give you this ride. The most popular automobile manufacturers in the world have used these unique materials and finished seating products to give the quiet comfort you have come to depend on. These companies include Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Jeep and Chrysler.

Automotive seating textile: Dymetrol
Dymetrol is one of the most popular seating textiles for automobiles on the market today. It is a superior material for making seats that are comfortable and ergonomic. This unique material is used in the seating and back support areas of automobiles and gives it the suspension without having to use non-recyclable foam. Dymetrol gives automobiles a better ride, because it is lightweight, durable, and comfortable.

The advantages of using Dymetrol for your automobile seats include:

  • Less material is used in the construction saving money
  • Weight savings
  • Eliminates non-recyclable foam
  • There is less foam and metal parts in the seating
  • The material is ergonomic for better support
  • Saves space inside the vehicle
  • Adapts to the profile of the passenger
  • Absorbs shock and lessens vibration
  • Automotive seating textile suppliers

Not all suppliers have the Dymetrol fabric, which is the key to giving you this comfortable ride. This special elastic fabric is flexible to mold into shape to produce a variety of seating options. Find an automotive seating textile supplier that handles this material and will work with you every step of the way to create the best seating.

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