Textile Solutions that Hit the Mark

Textile Solutions that Hit the Mark

ACME Mills furniture solutions

Calibrating high-tech drones and satellite imaging systems requires precise testing equipment. Our high standards, attention to detail, and over 100 years of experience, made us the right choice for the job.

The Problem

Group 8 Technology, Inc. reached out to us in need of special fabric for their drone calibration targets. This fabric needed to have a very smooth surface and be able to be painted without showing weave shadows.

Our Solution

We put our heads together and were able to develop a high-quality material that not only met their needs but could be manufactured in a frequency and cost that was economical.

Thanks to us, their drones can now accurately and consistently meet their targets without worry making the company more productive.


Custom Textile Advantages

  • Uniform Appearance
  • Good Opacity
  • Good Drape
  • Strong

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