The year 2020 will go down in history for more reasons than conceivable. With that said, 2020 was truly remarkable for the RV industry. People still wanted to travel, but safely, and they do not consider traditional modes for travel and vacation like airlines and cruise ships safe. This dilemma caused folks who never considered an RV to see an RV as the freedom to travel and vacation.

There are two categories of RVs, towable RVs, and motorized RVs. Within those two categories, I classify RVs into three basic groups, entry-level RVs, mid-line RVs, and high-end or luxury RVs. I explain it like purchasing a car; you can buy a Chevy, a Buick, or a Cadillac. Something else I tell people is you get what you pay for. So, if you buy a Chevy you get a Chevy, and nothing is wrong with that, but if you buy a Chevy, do not expect to get a Cadillac.

If you drill down, manufacturers design RVs to fit into segments within the industry, because you have buyers for each of these segments. For example, one segment includes ultra-lightweight travel trailers and micro travel trailers. This travel trailer segment is small enough to take off-road and light enough to tow with smaller Crossover SUVs. This is one segment or niche the industry wants to fill. RV manufacturers are providing more options because more people are buying RVs.

The 2021 RV line-up has another segment of trailers branded as adventure camping trailers. Younger buyers who love the outdoors and are always looking for adventures popularize these campers. These trailers are small, lightweight, and rugged. Outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen need a trailer that can get them where they want to go. The goal in this segment is a trailer designed to allow the adventurer to camp anywhere, at any time of the year. To do that, innovative manufacturers are building these adventure camping trailers out of light-weight construction materials, with more ground clearance, all-terrain tires, and storage racks for all the outdoor adventurer’s toys and equipment. Manufacturers equip them with solar panels and inverters for off-grid camping and with arctic packages and large BTU air conditioners for year-round camping enjoyment.

Other segments popular in the industry are conventional travel trailers, ½-ton towable 5th wheel trailers, toy haulers, luxury 5th wheel trailers, Type B motorhomes, Type C motorhomes (including larger Super C models built on Freightliner chassis), and Type A motorhomes in entry-level, mid-line and high-end models. You need to decide which segment you fall into and research what is available for you within that segment.

I will use myself as an example of an RV buyer to illustrate one RV manufacturer’s innovations. Motorized RVs are divided between gasoline-powered and diesel-powered versions, and as I mentioned earlier, into what I refer to as entry-level, mid-line, and high-end models. We currently own a mid-line gas-powered 35-foot Type A motorhome. At the time we purchased it, it suited our needs and our budget. I drive a diesel-powered truck, and I would prefer a diesel-powered motorhome, but most are very costly. Newmar a subsidiary of Winnebago Industries took notice of the segment I fit into and reintroduced a front-engine Class A diesel Canyon Star motorhome on a Freightliner chassis for 2021. This type of front-engine diesel motorhome gives you all the benefits a diesel-powered engine and diesel chassis offer, at a price a buyer like me can afford.

If you are in the market for an RV in 2021, you will not be disappointed. RV manufacturers are striving to meet more demanding buyers in every way possible. Everything from a pop-up with the sparse basics to a luxury motorhome powered by a 450HP Cummins engine, 2021 has it all.

Now we can look at some innovations, technology, practicality, and luxury, RVs offer in 2021.
When I sold RVs, I told all my customers there is an RV for everyone, you just need to find it. I do not want to talk about a specific model or brand, but about finding an RV equipped to meet your needs, wants, and expectations. If you think about it, almost every RV manufactured has a living room, one or more bedrooms, one or more bathrooms, a kitchen, and the RV’s exterior, so these are the areas I want to concentrate on.


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