A General Filtration Process

Filtration is a simple technique used to separate solid particles from suspension in a liquid solution. There are many filtration methods available, but all are based on the same general principle: a heterogenous mixture is poured over a filter membrane. The filter membrane has pores of a particular size. Particles larger than the pores will be unable to… Continue reading A General Filtration Process

Traditional Food Processing Methods

Traditional food preparation was a painstaking process. Unlike modern shoppers who have the luxury of buying anything they can afford when they want it, our ancestors had to work with whatever was available to them at the time. That meant finding ways to eat almost anything — from foraged greens to the chewiest, most unappealing… Continue reading Traditional Food Processing Methods

Methods of Food Processing

Food processing, food preservation, food production and food manufacturing are all interrelated terms that refer to the processes used to turn raw agricultural products – and in some cases products harvested from the wild – into consumable foods. These processes are used to make foods safer and more palatable to human consumers. Although food processing… Continue reading Methods of Food Processing

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