Polyester Fabric

StitchBond, Thermal Bond, Flat Bond & Point Bond

Produced from 100% Polyester in black, this fabric can be flame retarded to meet your specification.

Stitchbonding is the process of knitting through a fibrous batt that creates a new fabric structure not possible using other fabric formation processes. The process yields high productivity at a lower cost.

Typically consist of 5% to 20% yarn – 80% to 95% un-spun fiber.

Fabric weights range from 1/2 oz./square yard to over 30 oz./square yard.


Materials include:

Fibers, papers, films, foils, foams, continuous filaments, various woven, knitted or non woven fabrics.

Common Characteristics Include:

  • Uniform Appearance
  • Good Opacity
  • Good Drape
  • Strong


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