Application of Smart Textiles in Medical and Healthcare

Smart textiles:
Textile industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. Once its purpose was to make only cloth but now a days its purpose is way bigger. New generation of textile industry is called “Smart textile”. Smart textile means those fabrics which have technology woven in them. This technology reacts according to the surrounding and provides data. Application of smart textiles also driven by productivity enhancement and fashion and design purpose. Smart textile is an important branch of technical textile.

Types of smart textile:

Application of smart textile is majorly divided into two important area. They are:

  1. Aesthetic: Aesthetic smart textile mainly focuses in using technology for fashion and design purpose. Application of smart textile technologies in this field are mainly used to enhance the outlook of the consumer.
  2. Performance enhancing: Performance enhancing smart textile are used for monitoring biological factor. Here engineer mainly focus on converting human factor in data with the help of technology.

Smart textiles in medical and healthcare field:

If you are thinking that textile is all about garments, fabric, fibers, yarn and making textile goods than you are wrong. Application of smart textile is as much broader as you can imagine. Starting from medical sector to sport it is everywhere. Because of long research and adopting new technologies smart textile industry is booming now a days. In smart textile industry, medical and healthcare is a very important sector.

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