The Acme Group is Helping their Clients Keep Millions of Tons of Industrial Waste from Ever Entering a Landfill

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The Acme Group has strategically positioned itself in the manufacturing world helping their clients with their sustainability goals, use-to-reuse products and industrial recycling

Bloomfield Hills, MI – The Acme Group is proud to be leading the sustainability charge in industrial manufacturing by helping their clients reach their “zero landfill” initiatives, and turning waste streams into revenue streams. By reengineering existing products, developing environmentally and economically sustainable products, and finally providing real recycling solutions, The Acme Group is changing the footprint of manufacturing.

The Acme Group is currently partnering with numerous forward thinking companies in multiple industries including the world’s leading tractor manufacturer, one of the US major cereal makers, and Detroit’s largest automotive suppliers, keeping millions of tons of industrial waste from going to land fill.

Recycling is an essential process for The Acme Group and its clients. With this in mind, they have reformulated many of their rolled goods and filtration media, making them entirely recyclable. Their goal is to put into place a system for retrieving and recycling their client’s industrial waste with their patented recycling processes. Utilizing NeuBond™, their exclusive customizable filtration media together with a patented process to extract contaminates from spent filtration materials, The Acme Group can recycle the filter and its contaminants into desirable products in true use-to-reuse  fashion.

“Preserving our resources is the right thing to do. And frankly, it just feels good. In our business, we are privy to some of the nastiest stuff companies are disposing of in landfills. Our NeuBond filters and NeuSorb™ absorbents are blazing a new path in waste stream removal. Not only do they perform as good or better than any comparable filters on the market, all the waste is recycled and repurposed. Not incinerated as a combustible like other current ‘recyclable’ filter programs.” said Matt Utley, Director of Sales for The Acme Group.

Another way The Acme Group is helping clients reach their green initiatives is through dedication to the elimination of non-recyclable foam in seating applications by using ComfortSpan™ fabrics. The client benefits from endless design possibilities, removal of foam, considerable weight savings, durability, enhanced comfort and therefore giving the client a more environmentally friendly end product.

About Acme Group
Founded in 1917 as a textile supplier to Ford Motor Company for the Model T, the Acme Group has been creating creative textile solutions for their clients for 96 years. The Acme Group is a unique provider of industrial fabrics, textile services and filtration solutions. The array of companies consists of four divisions – Acme Mills, Fairway Products, Great Lakes Filters, and our minority owned business partner – Ervins Group. Collectively, these companies develop, manufacture, customize and distribute textiles and fabrics for a wide range of industries and applications. For more information, please visit them on the web at

Stephen Couchman
Marketing Director
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